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Tidal in jeopardy


Tidal is Jay Z’s new streaming service that is owned by the artists and for the people, but it has not seen the success that it had hoped for. Since its inception through Jay Z’s Press conference last month, its traction has slowly decreased and is now outside of the iTunes top 700 in the app store. Check out its introduction below:

It is really cool to have a service where the artists are front and center but the premium price that it costs ($12.99/month) does not seem worthwhile at the moment.

There has also been a lot of drama since its introduction. Tidal has replaced its first CEO, and one of its biggest influencers, Kanye West, has shown embarrassment to be involved in the service. Jay Z, however, shows optimism due to its young age.

One of the other issues for Tidal is that Apple is soon to release its own streaming service through the Beats label. With the new inception of Apple streaming and the current popularity of Spotify, it will be difficult for Tidal to gain market share of the industry.

Check out more on Tidal here and check out apple streaming service

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