Google to test self-driven car in California this summer

Google has been working on their self-driving vehicles for a while but it is finally time to allow their prototypes to hit the road! This summer google will allow their cars to rock the streets of Mountain View, Ca.

Several self-controlling cars will be on the road. These cars will all have safety drivers on board.The safety drivers are only there to take over if necessary. The cars will include detachable steering wheels, accelerator pedals, and brakes. For safety purposes, the vehicles will be set to a maximum speed of 25 miles/hour.

This seems like very surreal news out of a science-fiction movie, but Google has definitely put in the work to turn this into a reality. I am really looking forward to seeing how the prototypes do in the Mountain View neighborhoods!

See Google’s announcement here.

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3 thoughts on “Google to test self-driven car in California this summer

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