Google to add “Buy” button to mobile searches

download (1) Google is currently in the process of adding a “Buy” button to its mobile search engine. This new move towards the retail market comes from the surge in worldwide search usage through smartphones. By adding the button, users will soon be able to purchase items with a single click from Google’s listings. However, the “Buy” button will only work with products of retailers that are in Google’s program. One of the main retailers that have been rumored to be in the talks is Macy’s.

Many organizations are worried about this new feature, including Ebay and Amazon. Ebay and Amazon are the largest online marketplaces in America and they do not want Google to take away its sales.

Many retailers are also cautious to the new approach. Although Google will only be benefiting from sales through its advertising model of number of clicks, retailers are afraid that Google will be keeping too much of customers’ information. They are afraid that instead of directing traffic to their own retail sites, Google will soon be making transactions on its own websites. This is worrying for retailers because it would weaken its relationship and decrease potential marketing opportunities with the consumer.

Although many organizations are worried about this new approach, I believe that it is a good move for Google and will be very beneficial to the consumer. As mobile technology advances, making transactions through the mobile web seem like the most convenient way to make purchases. I believe that Google will make the right decisions in this matter by giving retailers a fair say in the use of it’s customers’ information but only time will tell.

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