Lily. The “GoPro” Drone. Your personal camera man.

This new robot(Lily) created by Antoine Balaresque and Henry Bradlow allows users to have a tracking drone that records their every move. The robot is able to track the user through a wearable gps watch.

It is also good to note that Lily caries a 1080p camera that shoots just as clear as some of the best HD smartphones on the market today. As it seems in the video, Lily seems to have several modes from where it can record the user, such as from front or from the back.

It is also shown in the video that it is waterproof, a great feature to have for outdoorsy people. The only down side seems to be the short battery life. A single battery charge can only fly for approximately 10 minutes. This could be quite short depending on what you are filming. But overall, Lily seems like an amazing new toy! Lily will be offered at a preorder price of $499 and a retail price of $999.

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One thought on “Lily. The “GoPro” Drone. Your personal camera man.

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