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The importance of practice

In my journey of working with Ruby and Rails, I have learned that it is too easy to focus on learning the Rails framework while forgetting to practice Ruby language skills. In this blog post I want to highlight some of the amazing resources that I have been using to improve my own Ruby skills. Maybe these resources can also help you as well!

This is definitely one of the best resources for beginners getting started with Ruby and Rails. In addition to their wonderful Ruby course, they have also added Rails courses!
Level: beginner
Cost: free

Ruby Koans:
I have been practicing the koans recently and I have really enjoyed working through it. The koans are relatively long and should take between 5 to 10 hours to complete. It goes through all the basic Ruby concepts that are necessary to become a successful programmer. I highly recommend this for beginners!
Level: beginner
Cost: free

Ruby Monk:
Ruby monk is amazing! What makes it so different than many of the other resources is that it teaches metaprogramming which is highly important in Ruby. It teaches tricks that will be interesting and useful throughout your time in programming.
Level: beginnger-intermediate
Cost: free

Code School:
I have been using codeschool for the last several months and I have found it to be extremely useful. It is deffinitly one of the more difficult courses on the internet. It is also paid for most of its courses but I have found the cost to be worth the material. During my time going through the courses, I have had to retry the same lessons several times to learn the material matter. But once I have learned it, I felt very rewarded. It deffinitly takes perseverence to get through Code School courses.
Level: intermediate-advanced
Cost: $29/month

Code Wars:
I have been working on code wars a little bit here and there during this month and I have found it to be really fun. But really difficult! This website is full of difficult questions and challenges that are created by its own users. Many of the problems are very difficult to answer correctly. If you have guts and time please give this website a shot!
Level: advanced
Cost: free

I hope you utilize these resources and improve your own skills with Ruby!

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