What if your student organization was a start-up?

My sophomore year at the University of Florida, I started an organization called the Gator Research Club. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I have learned a lot from it.


Our purpose was to connect students, who wanted a research position, with professors , who needed lab assistants. We served a function very similar to professional recruiters in the professional world and we had lots of success. We were able to grow our organization to over 100 members and also showcase dozens of research opportunities in my two years as president. Our organization contained 15 officers (or “employees” for a start-up). We had 4 founding members, 4 project managers, 5 public relations/marketing managers, a graphic designer, and a web developer/web designer.


Because we were all full-time students, I will assume that all of my officers were only working part-time for Gator Research Club.

Market Information(source:

Entry level marketing manager: $40,000

Entry level project manager: $60,000

Entry level graphic designer: $40,000

Entry level software developer/web developer: $70,000

Founder assumed salary: $40,000

Because all the students are assumed to only work part-time, I will divide all salaries by 2.

So based on this information,

– 4 founders * ($20,000/founder) = $80,000

– 4 project managers * ($30,000/manager) = $120,000

– 5 marketing managers*($20,000/manager) = $100,000

– 1 graphic designer * ($20,000) = $20,000

– 1 developer * ($35,000) = $35,000

total/year: $355,000

This means that in my 2 years of being president, if our organization was a start-up, it would have needed $710,000 of funding.

Hope you found this interesting!



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