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Unit Test vs. Integration Test, Test Driven Development 101


The two main driving forces for Test Driven Development in software development are: Unit Test and Integration Test. Both tests are used to make sure that a website works the way that its supposed to, but each has its own purpose and is dependent on the other for maximum utility. Lets begin with Unit Tests:

– Unit Test

The Unit Test makes sure that all of the backend functions in a software works properly. This test is extremely important because there are multiple coding operations going on in the background during every session and it is imperative that those operations function normally. Next up, we have the integration test:

– Integration Test

The Integration Test makes sure that a properly functional backend is “integrated” properly with the front-end software. This means that our test code will make an imaginary person that comes to our webpage and click all the buttons that a real person would to make sure that the website gives the proper responses. The integration test is extremely dependent on the unit test because it would be impossible to have a proper integration test without a functional unit test.

These are the two tests that are at the cornerstone of TDD. I hope this was helpful and I hope that you give both of these tests a try in your next project!


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