Code and Development

Anyone can be a software developer… This is why..

Software developers are consistently listed as one of the best jobs to have according to many news sources and I want to tell you how you can become one also. A job that demands a six figure salary in most cases and offers the flexibility to work from home does not come around often.

I also forgot to mention the endless career possibilities that comes with being a software developer. Software has spread like wildfire through all of our industries and there is a huge shortage of developers to fill the jobs.There’s just so much of a shortage!

If you have the motivation to try something new, you can be a developer too! There is a false rumor that programming requires extremely high level math to comprehend. This is FALSE. If you can do elementary algebra, you can program! To get started, these are great websites to give it a shot: 1. Codecademy 2. Treehouse 3. Codeschool Good luck! -weijie

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