Key to scoring high on the 2015 MCAT

One of the biggest fears of pre-med students is the MCAT examination. It is considered to be the hardest graduate school entrance exam, and it has been changed for students taking it in 2015. Although it might seem scary, I would like to share some insight on how to perform well on this exam. Through countless hours of honing my own MCAT skills from the prior exam, I believe anyone can do well on the mcat with these necessary skills:

1. Give yourself enough time.

Too many premeds feel the need to rush their study schedule so that they can take the test at a certain time. The reality is that each pre-med student comes from a different background and education. A more adequate student would require less time to study for the MCAT than another student of lesser knowledge and testing skills. It is up to you to find out what your abilities are and figure out the right study schedule. Please do not rush your testing date because many students end up having to retake the exam because they were not ready.

2. Use as many resources as possible.

– Examkrackers

– Kaplan

– Princeton Review

– Gold Standard


– Berkely Review

All of these test prep companies produce different materials for the MCAT examination. It is in your best interest to utilize as much of their resource as possible. Some of these companies are better than others at specific subjects but all of them produce useful material that you should try for yourself. With that said, AAMC is the only organization that publishes material from the actual test writers and it is imperative that you use their materials.

3. Use the MCAT syllabus

It surprises me how many pre-med students don’t even know that the MCAT syllabus exists. The MCAT syllabus is, in my opinion, the most useful resource for the 2015 MCAT. It lists all of the subject areas that are tested on the mcat. By going over the syllabus as you study for the mcat, it will help you understand your strengths and your weaknesses. After you have gauged your weaknesses, its up to you to turn those weaknesses to strengths. Here is a link to the 2015 MCAT syllabus:

I believe that if you can implement these points into your own study schedule, you will be much more prepared for the MCAT. Good luck!

-Weijie Gao

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